Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Richard Of Doomed Moviethon's Favorite American Horror Films Of The 1990's

As part of our cross blog promotion (like he needs my help!) feast upon Richard's picks from that greatest of decades, the 1990's!

5. Popcorn (1991)

When I finally got around to watching Popcorn (sometime in the 2000s), I immediately ripped my leg off so that I could repeatedly kick myself for not taking a chance on this earlier. So anyway, this film is just strange; a mishmash of slasher, splatter, and classic horror conventions with an oddly heartbreaking scene thrown in for good measure. Make sure you see this one.

 4. Child's Play 2 (1990)

I never re-watch the original Child's Play but I find myself returning to the first sequel a lot ever since I first saw it when I was in my teens. This film is nightmarish, gruesome, and at times, insanely claustrophobic. The inclusion of my teenage crush, Christine Elise (Emily Valentine of "Beverly Hills 90210"), is also a huge bonus.

3. The Blair Witch Project (1999)

If nothing else, this is one of my divisive horror experiences of all time. Some people claim they were terrified and some think it is just stupid. What I love about this movie is the enveloping tone. It's not just the found footage gimmick, this movie has real atmosphere and characters, actual characters. It helps that competent actors portray those characters but yeah, I love this film. The only thing scarier than this film was the drive home from the theater on a lonely stretch of highway afterwards.

2. Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)

Over the years, this just gets more and more amazing to my eyes. For all of Francis Ford Coppola's hubris, I think this is one of those times where it is well earned. The amount of care and detail put into the production design is staggering. People harsh on Keanu Reeves in this but for me, it's one of his most tolerable performances. I mean seriously, who the fuck likes Jonathan Harker anyway? Literally anyone can play a nothing character. At least Reeves makes him a pitiable chap. Great date movie.

1. The Exorcist III (1990)

Sometime in the mid-90s, I got this tape for a dollar when a ma and pa video store in Jupiter, Florida went out of business. I got this and Blue Velvet, neither of which I knew anything about. Boy did my brain get friggin' raped that weekend! This film attempts to make up for the misunderstood misfire of Exorcist II: The Heretic by making it bloodier but not much weirder (not sure if I like or dislike this). This is the film that endeared me to George C. Scott and Brad Dourif who both attempt to scream over all the insanity to some degree of success.

Thanks Richard!


  1. I'm really fond of Coppola's Dracula too, I love the look and design of it. But as I said about ITMOM on the other list at cinema somnambulist, The Exorcist III is another of the scariest fucking movies I've ever seen. People are always talking about the first one being so terrifying (and it was), but it was III that really got under my skin.

    1. There were three films I had in mind that could have gone on my list and Dracula and The Exorcist III were two of them. I didn't want to replicate a big swath of Richard's list. Dracula has amazing in camera effects and I think it's long overdue a horror fan re-evaluation. E III adds almost a mystery (albeit a very scary one) vibe that the first one doesn't have. In the first one, there's something wrong with Regan and if you know ANYTHING about it, even as a kid, you know it's a demon. Of course you figure the same thing about a film that's the third in a series, but still.

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. Great list sir!

    Only seen Popcorn once and I also kicked myself for not doing so sooner. Great movie and sort of has the jump on Wes Craven's later meta horror shenanigans by a few years. Though this is much more weird and wonderful.

    Love Child's Play 2, definitely my favourite of the series.

    I was one of those underwhelmed by Blair Witch in the theatre (apart from the ending of course) but it's growing on me more revisiting it at home over the years (I really find it suited more for video).

    Francis Ford Coppola's Bram Stoker's Dracula is a treat and a wonderful throwback to the grandeur of the old classic studio horror films and has one of my favourite scores. And good on you for defending Keanu! I could never defend that accent but love it nonetheless.

    And I really need to see Exorcist III as I keep hearing about it, especially as of late.

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    1. Thanks very much! I've added you to mine. Oddly I was looking at your blog when you said that. Spooky!

  4. @Aylmer - The first Exorcist is great. How often do I want to sit down and watch it? Almost never! Exorcist III on the other hand...

    @Simon - BOODA-PESHT!

    1. I know where the bar-stard sleeps! I brought him there... to Carfax Abbeh...

  5. Another bunch of films that goes on my to-watch-list. I'll report back in 2017!

    Lucky Richard. My teenage crush Tiffani Amber Thiessen only had a cameo in From Dusk Till Dawn 2, which is my nomination for worst sequel of all time. If you read this, Tiffani, I still love you. And Scott Spiegel, you're a good guy, I'm sure, but seriously, what the fuck was that, man?