Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Halloween Season

Yesterday was Elizabeth's birthday. I love how it kicks off the Halloween season. This year I'm going to try to mix up some favorites and classics with some unseen films. I sometimes get trapped into watching films over and over. Any suggestions?

Friday, September 26, 2014

Heather's Horror Blog Of Mostly Horror

My friend Heather recently moved back to Illinois. Heather, RIP. No wait, she's not dead!

She worked with Elizabeth and she lived across the street from us. Then she moved...across the street from us. It was the easiest move I ever helped with. Anyway, as you can guess, I roped her into watching horror films with us. She was terrified of horror films at first but we eased her in, starting with some more popcorn type horror films like Cabin In The Woods. From there we hit some slasher classics, haunted house films and general what have you. I knew we had her when she watched Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers on her own on Netflix. And all by her very lonesome she bought a Mill Creek horror film pack. That is a time honored, traditional horror film fan move.

Terror. Pure terror.

I sent her home with a ton of films and she said she was going to start a blog and review them. Being a procrastinator of the highest order and a man that makes wild, intricate plans and proclamations, I didn't think it would come to fruition. has!

Yes, ladies and gents, Heather has started a horror blog. And I'm very excited! Why don't you give it a look and give her your comments, tips and helpful suggestions!

Heather's Horror Blog Of Mostly Horror:

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Films Richard Got Right That I Didn't

Richard and I talk a lot of movies. A lot. And from time to time he expresses fondness for something that I didn't care for. It would be foolish for me to dismiss him out of hand because Richard (as we all know) is an enthusiastic, perceptive viewer. So I often go back and rewatch these films and discover that he is indeed, correct.

One such film is He Knows You're Alone. Elizabeth and I saw it early in our combined slasher viewings and despite of (or because of) it's similarities to Halloween and it's unmasked slasher villain, I didn't think much of it.

But a rewatch proved Richard right. It has an opening aped by Scream 2 that is clever, a determined detective and plenty of early 80's slasher goodness to go around. I've often thought that the time between Halloween and 1981's slasher onslaught was a bit of a dead period, excepting Friday The 13th of course (I said relatively, Prom Night and Terror Train!). But it's not nearly as barren as I thought. This is a good one.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

In The Minority

I like Rob Zombie's Halloween films, the House Of Wax remake and My Soul To Take, all commonly disliked films by the greater horror community. I know this is a broad generalization but what horror films do you like that you seem to be in the minority on? Share your shame!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Richard Of Doomed Moviethon's Favorite American Horror Films Of The 1990's

As part of our cross blog promotion (like he needs my help!) feast upon Richard's picks from that greatest of decades, the 1990's!

5. Popcorn (1991)

When I finally got around to watching Popcorn (sometime in the 2000s), I immediately ripped my leg off so that I could repeatedly kick myself for not taking a chance on this earlier. So anyway, this film is just strange; a mishmash of slasher, splatter, and classic horror conventions with an oddly heartbreaking scene thrown in for good measure. Make sure you see this one.

 4. Child's Play 2 (1990)

I never re-watch the original Child's Play but I find myself returning to the first sequel a lot ever since I first saw it when I was in my teens. This film is nightmarish, gruesome, and at times, insanely claustrophobic. The inclusion of my teenage crush, Christine Elise (Emily Valentine of "Beverly Hills 90210"), is also a huge bonus.

3. The Blair Witch Project (1999)

If nothing else, this is one of my divisive horror experiences of all time. Some people claim they were terrified and some think it is just stupid. What I love about this movie is the enveloping tone. It's not just the found footage gimmick, this movie has real atmosphere and characters, actual characters. It helps that competent actors portray those characters but yeah, I love this film. The only thing scarier than this film was the drive home from the theater on a lonely stretch of highway afterwards.

2. Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)

Over the years, this just gets more and more amazing to my eyes. For all of Francis Ford Coppola's hubris, I think this is one of those times where it is well earned. The amount of care and detail put into the production design is staggering. People harsh on Keanu Reeves in this but for me, it's one of his most tolerable performances. I mean seriously, who the fuck likes Jonathan Harker anyway? Literally anyone can play a nothing character. At least Reeves makes him a pitiable chap. Great date movie.

1. The Exorcist III (1990)

Sometime in the mid-90s, I got this tape for a dollar when a ma and pa video store in Jupiter, Florida went out of business. I got this and Blue Velvet, neither of which I knew anything about. Boy did my brain get friggin' raped that weekend! This film attempts to make up for the misunderstood misfire of Exorcist II: The Heretic by making it bloodier but not much weirder (not sure if I like or dislike this). This is the film that endeared me to George C. Scott and Brad Dourif who both attempt to scream over all the insanity to some degree of success.

Thanks Richard!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Interview With An Aaron

Long, long ago Aaron was kind enough to interview me for his site The Death Rattle. I repaid that kindness by stealing his interview feature for my own, asking him to do an interview, and then never sending him the questions. Until now! 

Aaron has a brilliant blog, The Death Rattle and has guested on the podcast. I've already checked out a few of the movies he has recommended and folks, Aaron is on point. I am proud to present: An Interview With An Aaron.

1. Tell us something about yourself. Anything.
I'm fat.

2. What is your favorite horror film?
TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE (the original, obviously)

3. Give me 5 other favorite horror films.
HELLRAISER, John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN, THE DESCENT, PHENOMENA, PHANTASM. Not necessarily my absolute favorites following TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE but they're up there.

4. What 5 horror films should I watch right now?
1. Well, I just watched OCULUS and I liked it... so, OCULUS.
3. The Canadian psychological horror movie THE DARK HOURS, which I watched a couple of months ago and have been recommending to people.
5. The Jim Jarmusch vampire movie ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE. Not a conventional horror movie, nor is it an original take on vampires, but it's so good. Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston are perfect.

5. You review a lot of indie horror films. What 5 should I see?

6. Favorite film monster? (vampire, zombie, werewolf, Adam Sandler, etc.)
Demons and lesbian vampires.

7. Favorite giallo?
TENEBRE (or TENEBRAE if you're anal about the spelling) or THE STRANGE VICE OF MRS. WARDH. It's hard to pick a single favorite. I like many for different reasons. If I'm allowed to pick unconventional Gialli, I'd put PHENOMENA and HOUSE WITH LAUGHING WINDOWS at very the top of the list.

8. Put these things in order: George Romero's Martin, pizza, boot cut jeans, Fulci's The Beyond, Tobe Hooper's The Funhouse, spray cheese, John F. Kennedy Jr.
1. Pizza
2. Fulci's THE BEYOND
3. George Romero's MARTIN
4. Spray cheese
5. John F. Kennedy Jr.
6. Boot cut jeans
7. Tobe Hooper's THE FUNHOUSE

9. 5 favorite horror film directors?
In no particular order: Lucio Fulci, John Carpenter, Don Coscarelli, Tobe Hooper (he made some stinkers but he gave me my favorite horror movie of all time), Dario Argento (up to a point). Honorable mentions: Wes Craven and Jean Rollin.

10. Where do I jump into the world of non Swarzeneggar, Stallone, Van Damme or Seagal 80's/90's action films?
To name a few....
Cannon's NINJA trilogy - REVENGE OF THE NINJA with Sho Kosugi, ENTER THE NINJA with Franco Nero, and NINJA III: THE DOMINATION with Lucinda Dickey.
STONE COLD with Brian Bosworth - one of the most amazing, over-the-top Action movies ever made in my opinion.
John Woo's HARD BOILED. He has other great films, like THE KILLER and whatnot, but HARD BOILED is far and away my favorite of his.
Ruggero Deodato's RAIDERS OF ATLANTIS.
Andy Sidaris's HARD TICKET TO HAWAII and all of his movies after that.

11. Should I buy the Andy Sedaris set? 
Does a bear shit in the woods? 5 bucks for 12 movies. It's a no brainer! It's worth it for HARD TICKET TO HAWAII alone.

12. First horror film you loved?

13. Scariest film you have seen?
As a kid, it was MAUSOLEUM and THE HOWLING, especially the former. As far as long term effectiveness, probably JAWS. As cliche as it sounds, I'm scarred to this day because of it. I live in a place surrounded by water and I'm terrified of the ocean. FML.

14. How many times have you seen Friday The 13th Part 2?
In the 5 to 10 range. It's one of those movies I've lost track of over the years as far as how many times I've seen it. Me and FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2 go all the way back to when I first remember watching horror movies as a kid.

15. Black gloved killer or axe wielding madman?
If that's your way of asking me "Gialli or slashers", I'll go with axe wielding madman.

16. Argento or Fulci?
Overall, definitely Fulci.

17. What horror film sub genre could you do without going forward?
Zombies. There are enough great zombie movies out there. I don't think we need any more.

18. What was the best horror film of 2013?
This will make some eyes roll, but I have to go with ABCs OF DEATH. "Best" is subjective, but it's my favorite of 2013. Some of the segments are garbage, but it covers a lot of bases in terms of sub-genres, and a lot of the segments are creative and entertaining. It also opened my eyes to some up-and-coming directors I should keep an eye on. If we're talking horror movies that follow a narrative, probably THE CONJURING. 2013 kinda sucked for horror in my opinion.

19. What's the best horror film you have seen this year (regardless of release date)?
"Best" would be a toss-up between SORUM and BEDEVILLED - both from South Korea. SORUM is a very atmospheric psychological horror movie and BEDEVILLED is essentially a revenge movie with a pretty amazing pay-off.

20. Is Halloween the best slasher film? 

21. What's the worst three horror remakes you have seen?
1. PROM NIGHT is the fucking woooooooooorst.
There are so many bad ones.

22. Is there a remake that worked for you?

23. Is there a horror film you'd like to see remade?

24. 5 guilty pleasure horror films?

25. If (God forbid) your residence was in danger of sliding into the 5th dimension, what dvd/blurays would you save?

26. You are on the record as a fan of masks, what is your favorite?
Outside of movies: There was a WWF tag team in the 80s called Demolition. They wore Hockey masks covered in black leather with spikes sticking out.
Horror: The silver mask from Lamberto Bava's DEMONS.
Non-horror movies: The Five Deadly Venoms. Chinese opera masks are so fucking cool.

27. Franco or Rollin?

28. What is the last horror film you watched at the theater?
I dread going to the movies. The last one I saw on the big screen was THE CONJURING last summer. I've only been to the movies twice this year so far and neither were horror.

29. What is in your dvd/bluray player right now?
WWF Survivor Series 1987

30. The Lords Of Salem: Rob Zombie's best film?

31. Looking over directors that are considered masters (in one way or another) such as Carpenter, Craven, Romero, Hooper, who directing today could join that group? Does James Wan belong?
My controversial pick would be Rob Zombie. Love or hate his films, he has a unique cinematic voice and an enthusiasm for the genre, which is what made guys like Carpenter and Craven special. Aside from him, I can't think of anyone. If Ti West lived up the promise he showed with HOUSE OF THE DEVIL and INNKEEPERS, I'd include him. If Eli Roth was more prolific, he'd definitely be there. James Wan is good but not "master" good.

32. If you could make me watch 5 films of any genre what would they be?

33. List a favorite film that might surprise us?

34. What film would you like to sit down and watch with the director?
WEREWOLVES ON WHEELS with Michael Levesque.

35. What do you make of The House Of The Devil?
I've seen it three times so far and I haven't gotten tired of it yet. I love the atmosphere of it - not just the horror atmosphere but the 80s feel of it (despite it being a tad forced on occasion). The slow burn is a little TOO slow at times but the pay-off makes it all worth it. I'd feel comfortable recommending it to people who aren't as nerdy about movies as I am.

36. What is the best album of the 90's?
Faith No More "Angel Dust"

37. 5 desert island albums?
Faith No More "Angel Dust"
The Smiths "Hatful of Hollow"
Finch "What it is to Burn"
Deftones "White Pony"
Ministry "The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste"

38. What is your favorite film of all time? (Or top 5)
SCORPIO RISING (short) and TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE (feature length)

39. Dr. Pepper, Pibb, or neither?


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fulci Masterpiece?

What is Fulci's masterpiece? City Of The Living Dead? Zombie? Don't Torture A Duckling? The House By The Cemetery? Conquest? Okay, probably not Conquest. Does he have more than one masterpiece?