Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Films Richard Got Right That I Didn't

Richard and I talk a lot of movies. A lot. And from time to time he expresses fondness for something that I didn't care for. It would be foolish for me to dismiss him out of hand because Richard (as we all know) is an enthusiastic, perceptive viewer. So I often go back and rewatch these films and discover that he is indeed, correct.

One such film is He Knows You're Alone. Elizabeth and I saw it early in our combined slasher viewings and despite of (or because of) it's similarities to Halloween and it's unmasked slasher villain, I didn't think much of it.

But a rewatch proved Richard right. It has an opening aped by Scream 2 that is clever, a determined detective and plenty of early 80's slasher goodness to go around. I've often thought that the time between Halloween and 1981's slasher onslaught was a bit of a dead period, excepting Friday The 13th of course (I said relatively, Prom Night and Terror Train!). But it's not nearly as barren as I thought. This is a good one.

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