Friday, September 26, 2014

Heather's Horror Blog Of Mostly Horror

My friend Heather recently moved back to Illinois. Heather, RIP. No wait, she's not dead!

She worked with Elizabeth and she lived across the street from us. Then she moved...across the street from us. It was the easiest move I ever helped with. Anyway, as you can guess, I roped her into watching horror films with us. She was terrified of horror films at first but we eased her in, starting with some more popcorn type horror films like Cabin In The Woods. From there we hit some slasher classics, haunted house films and general what have you. I knew we had her when she watched Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers on her own on Netflix. And all by her very lonesome she bought a Mill Creek horror film pack. That is a time honored, traditional horror film fan move.

Terror. Pure terror.

I sent her home with a ton of films and she said she was going to start a blog and review them. Being a procrastinator of the highest order and a man that makes wild, intricate plans and proclamations, I didn't think it would come to fruition. has!

Yes, ladies and gents, Heather has started a horror blog. And I'm very excited! Why don't you give it a look and give her your comments, tips and helpful suggestions!

Heather's Horror Blog Of Mostly Horror:


  1. That's cool, definitely gonna check out that blog.

    It might be really cool for me to read a blog by someone who, like me, isn't a life-long horror freak and only quite recently got more serious about their horror watching. So many classics, both cult and mainstream, are still new to me and reading someone else's first experience with them will be a nice change!

    Only a couple of weeks ago I finally watched House of the Devil and The Innkeepers! So that's a pretty cool start!

    Good luck & much fun with the new blog!


    (I cannot comment on the new blog since I am not using LiveJournal, AIM, etc.)

    1. What about a Google account MLP? In any event I know she would appreciate you reading her blog. And you can send me any comments and I'll pass them along. Thanks!

  2. Good on you for sowing the seeds of more blossoming horror fandom. Like yourself I'm all about sharing the love with regards to these movies. And I'll be sure to check out Heather's blog asap!

  3. Looking forward to reading the blog and the reviews..! (Sorry, don't have a Google-account either - yet! :)
    best regards