Monday, March 31, 2014

April Fools Day

Tomorrow is April 1st and Elizabeth got me April Fools Day and Slaughter High for my birthday. (Slaughter High was originally titled April Fools Day, for that matter, so was Killer Party which she also got me but we went ahead and watched it. All three from 1986. Weird.) I've saved them for tomorrow. April Fools Day is a favorite from my childhood and I think I've only seen Slaughter High once. So how about it? Does anyone plan on watching either of these tomorrow? I'm thinking I'll turn it into a tradition like Halloween on Halloween, Black Christmas on Christmas Eve, and My Bloody Valentine on Valentine's Day.


  1. Oh yes indeedy, I'll be re-watching both of these again tomorrow myself! I'd forgotten about the Killer Party connection, though I do recall you mentioning it now I think about it. Must seek that one out.

    And curious to hear your thoughts on Slaughter High as that's fast becoming a favourite of mine... maybe even top ten material...

    1. Simon- You know you'll get my thoughts!

  2. And a Friday the 13th film on every Friday the 13th! I love our traditions!

    -Your Wife