Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hello! This Is The Doomed Show

So not only have I been neglecting the old Yellow Razor, I've also been absent from Hello! This Is The Doomed Show. Never fear, I shall return shortly. But honestly I almost hate to. I have enjoyed special guest star co-hosts Jeffrey and Nafa SO much. Tampa's Giallo, Murder Rock derision, Tommy Pickles, Trampa, Serbo-Croatia, Bosco the mute flautist, the Firefly family, Steven Seagal, unraveling the mystery of The House With The Laughing Windows, it goes on and on. I thank them both for joining Richard for some great shows.

The show can be found here:

And archives here:


  1. Richard has certainly had some superlative guest co-hosts to fill the proverbial void in your absence... but I'm sure I'm not alone in saying your return is eagerly awaited sir :)

    1. Thanks very much Simon! I'm very excited to return to the show.

  2. What mr. Wright said..!
    /R. Geiger