Friday, March 28, 2014

I saw Zombie today

Oh hey there. I haven't posted in a while but it isn't because I don't love you. It's because I'm lazy.

So I watched Zombie today. The two disc deluxe Blue Underground bluray. It's been a while since I saw it. Zombie seems to be a lot of folks 'in' into Fulci. It was mine. And while it'll never be my #1 Fulci film, it does rank highly. I prefer his Gates Of Hell trilogy but without Zombie we wouldn't have likely gotten them. I used to think that long stretches of the film was boring. Everything clicked on my second or third viewing. And this bluray is outstanding. I really believe that Fulci belongs up there with the master directors of horror.

If there's anyone still reading after my long lazy absence, hit me up in the comments on your top 5 Fulci films.



  1. 1. House by the Cemetery
    2. The Beyond
    3. Don't Torture a Duckling
    4. Zombie
    5. Murder Rock

    -Your Wife

  2. 1. House by the Cemetery
    2. Don't Torture a Duckling
    3. City of the Living Dead
    4. The Beyond
    5. Zombie

  3. 1. City of the Living Dead
    2. Zombie
    3. The New York Ripper
    4. The Beyond
    5. House By The Cemetery

    I'm embarrassed to say that after many years since I first saw a Fulci film I only know these five and Perversion Story. Definitely gonna change that one day, but it seems to take time...

    I'm glad you've not abandoned this blog!

  4. As you well know sir, I re-watched this last night, and like yourself everything clicked for me on this re-watch (my third or fourth I think).

    And it now certainly takes precedence over a much maligned early 80s flick from Mr. Fulci I mentioned to you yesterday. As much as I enjoy that one (I won't name it here, lest I embarrass myself) it really can't compare.

    I totally agree about this being an essential stepping stone to the Gates trilogy... that's one thing that really struck me last night... plus it's entertaining and tense in equal measure... I really can't think of any flaws with it at present.

    Sorry I rambled a bit there... here's my top five:

    1. House by the Cemetery
    2. City of the Living Dead
    3. New York Ripper/Don't Torture a Duckling (too hard to call... Lizard in a Woman's Skin used to be in this spot but I haven't found that one to be as re-watchable... also, next time I watch The Psychic that could creep in)
    4. The Beyond
    5. Zombie

    Man that was hard... and I'm not completely satisfied with that list.

  5. MLP! I would never abandon the Yellow Razor! Just neglect it! Great list sir. A man who puts City Of The Living Dead at the top of his list is a man I trust!

    Simon- I find that we are rarely satisfied with our lists. Hence the compulsion to make more and more of them. And I know you are fearless. If anyone would have put Manhattan Baby on their list it would've been you. I believe it is sorely underrated.

    Richard- The Cemetery bonds us together. Oh that Freudstein house!

    Elizabeth- You put The Beyond higher than anyone else so far. I wonder if a bluray would enhance it's standing?

    Great lists all!

  6. Oh no, I've been outed! Indeed, I very nearly put Manhattan Baby on the list... it's right at the top of my honourable mentions, which also includes Lizard... and The Black Cat. Now while those are arguably better movies I'd much rather watch Manhattan Baby than either of em right now.

    And r.e. The Beyond on Blu-Ray: I have the Arrow release from 2011 and while it is region free, I'm not sure if it's worth the upgrade or not... I have a feeling it could look much much better... plus Arrow botched up the initial release and had to issue replacement discs. It's a while since I watched though and I'm gonna revisit it hopefully sometime this week, so I'll get back to you on that one. Has anyone else put it out yet that you know of?

  7. If there was, say, 20% more gore in Manhattan Baby it would be respected more. But it does have the look of that classic Fulci period.

    I hear that Grindhouse Releasing is putting out The Beyond on bluray.I feel good about this. It was Grindhouse that rescued all of us from grimy cuts of the film as Seven Doors Of Death. I imagine that dvd was great looking when it came out. But Blue Underground's subsequent releases of Zombie, City, and Cemetery have outshone it.

  8. I'd say you're spot on r.e. Manhattan Baby sir. And glad to hear there's another Blu of The Beyond on the horizon... here's hoping it's region free. What I can tell you about the Arrow is I remember the sound being excellent but for the most part I was underwhelmed by the picture... this is merely how I recall it though and as I say, I'm eager to re-visit it soon for a re-evaluation... of both the disc and the film.

  9. Unbelievably easy..! Is there room for one more in the basement!? :D

    1. The house by the cemetery
    2. The beyond
    3. Zombie
    4. Lizard in a woman's skin
    5. New York ripper

    I have yet to watch others that I just know are good like his spaghetti westerns and that Duckling that one isn't supposed to torture ..but it will be done..! take care guys!
    /R. Geiger

  10. R.Geiger agrees with me that The Beyond deserves more love! Woo!

    A blu-ray might definitely help it for others, but for me it's all about my sentimental attachment to it. I really, really loved it when we first saw it, and it reminds me of our honeymoon (because we watched Seven Doors of Death, not because we stumbled upon one of the Gates of Hell in an old Louisiana hotel although that probably would have made for a more interesting honeymoon story).

    -Your Wife

  11. R. Geiger bringing the The Beyond love!

  12. Extraordinarily cool and sweet..! THAT is how you know you've found your soul mate - when you're watching The Beyond together.. ON the honeymoon.. just amazing....! :D

    / R. Geiger