Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Year Of The Fulch

Hello? Good grief, I hope you haven't been here the whole time. Yeah so, hey. Sorry it's been so long. I did miss you. If that helps. Richard and I are recording tonight and we are plotting the triumphant return of Hello! This Is The Doomed Show! Plus if I can get myself in gear I'll post here a bit more often. Brad, you didn't even tell folks Merry Christmas. Sorry y'all. Happy New Year!

This dude.

We're planning on contributing to the worldwide phenomena that's occurring worldwide called The Year Of The Fulch! So hopefully we'll finish up our Fulci series. And Troy Howarth is releasing his Fulci book that we are all VERY excited about. And we're giving away a baby elephant. Stay tuned.


  1. Dig it!

    I've been watching the same four or five Fulci movies over and over again for a few years now, I really need to pull my head out of my butt and buy me some new Laserdiscs. Thanks for the impetus to do so, Yellow Razorman.

    I know that you and Richard of DM could watch Fulci's films anytime, but I got to admit I can't. I really have to be in the mood and sometimes I don't feel like watching Fulci for months. In fact, I feel that about most Italian stuff, except perhaps for Argento.

    Happy new year & here's to the Year of the Fulch!


    1. I've actually laid off Fulci this past year. I'm excited to get Bach in there. Here's to MLP and The Fulch!